Billy & Jack Dinner Party Masterclass

Billy & Jack’s Dinner Party Masterclass

We’ve teamed up with Masterchef 2016 finalists, Billy and Jack, to create the perfect canned food dinner party menu.  Over the next few weeks, Billy & Jack will share their tasty recipes for a slap-up, three-course feast as part of our virtual #CannedFoodDinnerParty masterclass.

Here’s what Billy and Jack had to say about the challenge:

“When Canned Food UK approached us, and asked us to create some beautiful dishes for them we were excited and nervous in equal measure. We hadn’t really explored the variety of canned produce available much beyond tinned tomatoes and beans on toast! Would we be able to produce the sort of food we love to cook? Thankfully the answer was a resounding yes.

“The huge variety of different products available, from vegetables to pulses to caramel gave us loads of inspiration for ways to use canned foods in new, exciting and delicious ways. And as the food is cooked in the can it’s both nutritious and keeps its flavour.

“Who knew that you can knock up some of the tastiest ice cream from two simple canned ingredients? Or that you can create a classic lentil dish, perfect with chicken in less than half an hour! Canned food is perfect for when you want to eat something great but don’t have ages to spend in the kitchen. And with our recipes hopefully, you have some more ideas to get out those cupboard staples!

“We’ve created five tasty dishes, perfect for all sorts of moments, from Sunday lunch with the family to a romantic dinner for two, and all using at least two canned products. They’re all quick and easy to prepare so you can relax and look forward to dinner.”

You can watch the videos of the four recipes here:

You can also find the written recipes here:

Crispy fried artichokes with crispy broad bean shells and a broad bean yoghurt dressing

Roast lamb stuffed with olives, hummus, roasties

Chicken breast, green lentils and mushroom with bacon and mustard

Steak, with steak, fried onion and truffle pie

Apricot bread and butter pudding

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