Why Cans ?

To put it simply, canned foods are CANtastic! 

It’s great quality 

In the canning process, fresh produce from the farm, field or sea is in the can within a matter of hours, locking in freshness, nutrients and mainly without the use of preservatives. 

It’s tasty

Food is canned at its peak – meaning that maximum flavour and taste is locked in the can ready for when you need it, whether that’s a day, week or even a year later. 

It’s nutritious 

Canned foods are packed with vital vitamins and nutrients needed as part of a healthy balanced diet and canned fruit and vegetables count as one of your five-a-day.  

It reduces food waste 

Canned food has an incredible shelf life, up to three years, which dramatically helps to reduce food waste in the home. Plus, it means you can keep store cupboard staples ready for when you need them. 

It’s recyclable 

Did you know that metal has a special designation as a permanently available material? This means it can be recycled again and again with no loss of quality, coming back as even more cans or a bike, a kitchen appliance or even as part of your house. 

It’s affordable

Canned foods are a quality affordable ingredient to add to your menu.  

It’s CANvenient 

All the preparation is done for you with canned foods helping you save time when cooking at home by eliminating peeling and chopping. Simply, reach and open the tin and add it to your dish.

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