The Canning Process

In the canning process, everything moves at top speed. 

  1. First, fresh produce such fruit, vegetables, meat or fish is picked and caught at its prime and taken directly to canning factory. 
  1. Produce is washed under fast water jets and then peeled, trimmed, cored and sliced as appropriate before it is packed into empty cans moving fast along a conveyor belt. 
  1. Liquid such as brine, water, oil, syrup or fruit juice is added to fill the can. 
  1. The lid is sealed on top and tested for air tightness.
  1. Each can is sent to be cooked. The cans are stacked in large cookers that heat them to right temperature and under the right pressure for the type of food being cooked. As cans are sealed beforehand, any micro-organisms are killed off in the cooking stage.  Through this process, cans remain fresh with the nutrients locked in until opened.
  2. When the cans have cooled, they are labelled and sent on their way to shops up and down the land and then finally to your kitchen cupboard.

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