Facts & Figures

Canned Food sales surged by 72.6 per cent in March 2020 a rise worth £137.1 million (Grocer/Kantar 2020). 

  • As Brits faced lockdown in 2020 as a result of Covid-19 pandemic, many began stocking up on products that haven’t seen such high demand since they were the subject of rationing during and after WWII. 
  • The greatest uplifts were enjoyed by soup, cold and hot meats – meat products that can be eaten as a meal such as curry.
  • In fact, hot meats became the fifth best-selling canned food in March 2020 up from seventh place a year ago and canned soup became the second bestseller actually overtaking baked beans.
  • 99.4% of UK households buy from the canned food category each year (Source: Kantar). 
  • The average household buys 600 steel cans a year. 
  • A recent survey (2017) of 2000 consumers conducted by MPMA in the UK showed that sixty per cent of families claim they can’t live without baked beans; fifty per cent feel the same way about tinned tomatoes and 38 per cent about tinned tuna or salmon. A quarter also say they’re unable to live without tinned soup.

Recycling rates

United Kingdom:

  • Steel: 71% (Source Defra)
  • Aluminium: 82% of beverage cans, 56% of all aluminium packaging (Source: Alupro) 


  • Steel Packaging: 85.5% (Source APEAL)
  • Aluminium beverage cans 75.8% (Source EAA ) 

It is estimated that 80% of all metal ever produced is still in circulation today. 

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