Student Favourites

Are you a student looking for convenient, simple and affordable meal options?

Using canned food staples like chopped tomatoes, kidney beans and sweetcorn, Canned Food UK have come up with four delicious and easy recipes to allow you to whip up good food without breaking the bank.

Canned foods are a really easy way to add vitamins and minerals into your diet. As all food is cooked in the can during production stages, all the nutrients are locked in the tin and don’t deteriorate over time. The canning process also creates an unbeatable shelf life which means you can keep it in your cupboard until you need it. Canned food also contributes to a healthy balanced diet, with canned fruit in its own juices, vegetables, and tomato-based products all counting towards your 5-a-day.

Using tinned food is also great for the environment. All metal food cans are 100 per cent recyclable and metal is a permanently available material, which means it can be infinitely recycled with no loss of quality. Simply rinse the can once used, put it in the recycle container or box provided by your local council, and wait for them to come and collect it!

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You can watch the videos of the four recipes here:

You can also find the written recipes here:

Tex Mex Pasta Bake

Hot Dog Enchiladas

Mediterranean Baked Eggs

Leftover Turkey Hotpot

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