Quick Lamb Tagine

Course: Main - Dish: Meat - Serves: 4
35 minutes to prepare and cook. Serves 4.


1. Heat one Tbsp of oil in a large pan. Add the lamb and stir-fry for three minutes.
2. Add the spice blend to the lamb and fry for a further minute.
3. Add the tomatoes, bring the pan to the boil and then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes, or until the lamb is tender.
4. Stir in the prunes and simmer for a further five minutes.
5. Meanwhile, prepare the cous cous by placing in a large heatproof bowl with the boiling water and one Tbsp of oil.
6. Cover with cling film and allow the cous cous to stand for five minutes.
7. Remove cling film and then add lemon rind and juice, mint and salt. Fork through the cous cous and serve immediately with the lamb.
Hints and Tips:
Canned prunes are rich in iron, which boosts your red blood cells and helps to prevent tiredness and anaemia.
This recipe can be frozen, prior to the prunes being added.Freeze for up to two months. Defrost thoroughly in a refrigerator prior to reheating.

Nutritional information per serving:

Calories: 506
Protein: 22.3g
Carbs: 60.6g
Sugars: 24.7g
Fat: 20.7g
Sat Fat: 6.7g
Fibre: 4.3g
Sodium: 0.2g

An 80g serving of canned prunes provides 1/8 of the RDA for iron. Iron is important for preventing lethargy

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