Nick’s Butter Bean Minestrone

Course: Starter - Dish: Vegetarian - Serves:

This recipe was submitted by Nick; “If you want something filling but still healthy, adding a can of pulses to a can of soup is a really good option. Butter beans or cannellini beans work brilliantly with an Italian soup like Minestrone, but I also use canned lentils with vegetable soup, or chickpeas with a spiced soup like pumpkin. Easy fast and minimal washing up!”




1 - Rinse and drain the butter beans. Easiest in a colander, but I usually do this under the tap in the can, using my fingers as a seive. Saves on washing up.  (Make sure the can is easy open so no sharp edges!)

2 - Gently fry the beans in a little oil until soft - usually just 5 minutes.

3 - Take the pan off the heat and leave it 30 seconds before adding the soup

4 - Return pan to the hob on a lower heat and heat soup through for around 4 minutes

5 - Rinse pan, put cans in recycling and serve



Nutritional information per serving:

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