Baked Tuna Macaroni

Course: Starter - Dish: Fish - Serves: 2

This is a healthy dish, perfectly served as a starter, snack or side dish for hungry kids or busy teens.
20 minutes to prepare and cook. Serves 2 -3.


1. Preheat the grill.
. Pour the macaroni into a large saucepan.
Add the sweetcorn and heat gently.
4. Spoon half the macaroni into the bottom of a shallow dish. Place the tuna on top of the macaroni.
Cover the tuna with the remaining macaroni. Place the sliced tomatoes on top of the macaroni. Place under the grill and cook until the tomatoes begin to soften.
Leave the macaroni to cool. When chilled, split between 2-3 plastic containers and serve with salad. 
Canny fact:
You can find sustainable canned fish at the supermarket.


Nutritional information per serving:

Energy: 458 kcals / 1942 kJ
Protein: 25.3mg
Fat: 9.6mg
Carbs: 68mg
Fibre: 3.4mg
Sodium: 1.37g
Salt: 3.4g

Canned sweetcorn is a source of folic acid, which helps normal growth development and cell renewal

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