An old tin can as a desk tidy for pens and pencilsFrom classroom activities to facts about the canning process, Canned Food UK has a range of information available for you to access.

Take a look at how this popular food product is made and filled, along with its fascinating history and development by clicking onto:
Key Stage 2 teachers can download lesson plans and class activities about canned food by clicking on the link to our extensive education microsite. There is a wide range of information available about a range of subjects including the nutritional value of canned food, how cans are made, recycling, food labelling and advertising.
You can also download our free education resource pack, Cans in the Classroom, which is part of the free cookery education programme that we developed with nutritional education charity Focus on Food. The materials include posters, easy to make tasty recipes, fun classroom activities and homework challenges.

To order a free copy of Cans in the Classroom or download a PDF of the pack, click on one of the following:

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