Amanda’s Store Cupboard Essentials

Canned foods are an essential part of everyone’s store cupboard at home.

From fruit, veg and pulses to meat, soup and pasta, they are ideal as an ingredient in a main meal or for a snack. Canned foods are also affordable, and really convenient to use as part of a balanced diet for the whole family.

Canned Food UK has worked with top nutritionist Amanda Ursell to look into the nutritional content of a wide range of canned food products. As they are sealed and preserved by cooking the food in the can, canned foods retain a lot of the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. As a result they have a long shelf life and no need for preservatives.

Click onto the store cupboard and choose a can to see advice from Amanda about how to incorporate canned food into a healthy, daily diet.

There is plenty of information about the nutritional benefits of using canned food – and how they can play an important part in providing you with the vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy. You can also download a factsheet that shows how the canned food industry has worked hard to reduce salt and sugar levels in canned products.

Don’t forget that using individual cans of food help reduce food waste – and remember to recycle all your cans.

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