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Pulses & Beans

beans_200Beans are the classic canned produce. In the UK, we eat more baked beans than in any other country, in fact a can of baked beans is consumed every 14 seconds! But it is not just baked beans that make a great store cupboard essential. There is a wide range of beans and pulses available that make really versatile ingredients. They are already cooked in the can, saving hours of soaking and blanching needed to prepare dried beans. From lentils, borlotti beans, chickpeas to the classic baked bean, canned beans and pulses are fantastic as an ingredient to a main meal or a snack such as baked beans on toast.

Canned beans and pulses are nutritious as well as convenient.  Amanda says; “Packed with fibre and giving us useful amounts of the mineral iron – needed for concentration and energy – and the B vitamin folate for healthy nerves, canned beans and pulses can be used straight from the can as a tasty addition to everything from curries to chillis, pastas to soups.”

Download the factsheet to find out about the nutritional benefits of using canned food – and how they can play an important part in providing you with the vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy.

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