Amandas Store Cupboard Essentials Pasta and Soup


Pasta & Soup

Canned pasta and soup can be heated in minutes and are really versatile ingredients to include in your daily diet. With loads of healthy soups available – such as organic varieties – and canned pasta that features hidden veg, you can pick up a can from your store cupboard knowing that they can contribute to a healthy, balanced diet for adults and children alike.

Canned soup and pasta can be enjoyed as part of a meal or on their own for a small lunch or snack – and if your feeding the family, add canned soup or pasta to a meal to bulk it out for just a few extra pence.

Amanda says: “Canned pasta and soup are nutritious – for example, tomato soups are great for lycopene, the red pigment in tomatoes that is linked to a lower risk of heart disease. Meanwhile lentil soup, because it is made with pulses, potentially helps to keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels steady while keeping us feeling full.”

“Originally, canned soup and pasta contained salt because consumers liked the taste better. With shoppers becoming more health-conscious, the canned food industry has been able to reduce in the amount of salt and sugar in canned pasta and soup – and they still taste great!”

Download the factsheet to find out about the nutritional benefits of using canned food – and how they can play an important part in providing you with the vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy.

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