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strwberriesFruit is a popular choice when it comes to canned food. Not only is it really versatile, and can be used within cooking and in puddings, but it makes a healthy, quick and easy snack, too.

Canned fruit, such as strawberries, apples and peaches, are usually found canned in their own juices and count towards your 5-A-DAY. They also give us some Vitamin C and an alternative to sugar-rich snacks and drinks, which only boost glucose levels temporarily.

Canned fruit is one of the most popular canned foods, with the amount sold since 2007 stretching almost four times around the world!

Amanda says: “Consumer’s tastes are changing, and whilst canned fruit has always been a popular choice, it is now being recognised for its health benefits.”

Fruits such as strawberries and raspberries are most expensive when they’re out of season, though buying them canned means that not only can you enjoy them all year round, but they’re much cheaper, too!

Download the factsheet to find out about the nutritional benefits of using canned food – and how they can play an important part in providing you with the vitamins and minerals that help keep your body healthy.

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