Metal cans are a great modern way to package our food. 

Convenient, with nutrition locked in without the need for preservatives except for a few cold meat products, canned foods provide us with a quick, affordable, healthy option that has a long shelf life so we can grab them from the cupboard at any time.

With an ever-widening array of products, including extra options with low sugar, low salt, water as well as brine or oil, juice as well as syrup, canned foods are ideal to fit in with today’s busy lifestyles. Their contents are perfect to use on their own, as a snack, a side dish or as ingredients in a recipe for the single person or for the family.

What’s more, metal cans are a very good option for the environment – all metal cans can be recycled again and again to help make more cans or other metal goods like safety pins, fridges or cars. The long shelf life of canned foods not only saves energy used for refrigeration or freezing foods but helps reduce food waste as well.

So Remember…

  • Canned foods are sealed and preserved by pressure cooking the food in the can to lock nutrition in and give them their long shelf life.
  • Canned foods are nutritious.
  • Canned foods contribute to a healthy balanced diet.
  • Canned fruit and vegetables and tomato based products count towards 5-A-DAY.
  • Canned foods are convenient, quick and versatile.
  • Canned foods with their long shelf life help reduce food waste.
  • All metal cans may be recycled again and again
  • Canned foods’ long shelf life helps you reduce food waste and save energy
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