Sunshine Breakfast Cocktail Click image to enlarge
Course: Starter
Dish: Vegetarian
Serves: 4-6
Nutritional information per serving:
Calories:          72
Protein:            1.2g
Carbs:            17.8g
Sugars:          17.8g
Fat:                    0.0g
Sat Fat:             0.0g
Fibre:                0.9g
Sodium:           0.0g


Did you know?

Brightly coloured orange canned fruits like oranges and mandarins are a good source of vitamin A

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Sunshine Breakfast Cocktail

Kick-start the day with this breakfast cocktail that's bursting with nutrients and makes up part of your 5-A-Day.

411g can orange segments in juice or mandarins
539g can grapefruit segments, drained
150g seedless black grapes
1.    Place the orange segments with the juice in a large bowl, add the drained grapefruit.
2.    Halve the grapes and add to the oranges and grapefruit.



Hints and Tips
Delicious served with natural yogurt and a swirl of honey. You can use a variety of healthy canned fruit in this low-calorie recipe, such as apricots, peaches or pears.

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