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Course: Main
Dish: Vegetarian
Serves: 8
Nutritional information per serving:
Nutritional value per serving
Nutrient Per serving
Energy 2711kJ
Fat 23.3g
   of which saturates 7.0g
Carbohydrate 89.4g
  of which sugars 24.4g
Fibre 7.8g
Protein 15.7g
Salt 1.79g
                 One serving counts as 2 of your 5-A-DAY target of fruit and vegetable portions.


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Billy and Jack’s Indian veggie burgers with coconut onion bhajis

These vegetarian burgers with onion bhajis make for a perfect meat-free meal using canned ingredients. And if you want to take it one step further, why not replace the yoghurt with a vegan alternative to make this a fully vegan dish?

For the burger
  • 1 x 560g can peeled new potatoes
  • 1 x 400g can petit pois and baby carrots
  • ½ 290g can sliced mushrooms
  • ½ 390g can fried onions
  • 1 heaped tsp garlic paste
  • 1 heaped tsp curry paste
  • 250g panko breadcrumbs
  • 8 tbsp yoghurt
  • 2 heaped tsp mild curry powder
  • 8 tsp mango chutney
  • Handful coriander leaves
  • 8 brioche buns
  • 2 Little Gem lettuces
  • 3 vine tomatoes
  • Rapeseed oil
For the onion bhaji
  • ½ 400g can coconut milk
  • 1 x 390g can fried onions
  • 75g whole flour
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • Oil for deep frying
  1. For the burger, drain the potatoes, petit pois and baby carrots, sliced mushrooms and fried onions. Add all can contents to a large frying pan with a little oil, the garlic and curry paste. Heat for 5 minutes until the vegetables start to brown.
  2. Remove from the heat and combine with a potato masher, leaving some texture. Season and stir in the panko breadcrumbs to form a stiffer mixture. Set aside to cool.
  3. For the bhajis, brown the onions for 5 minutes over a high heat to remove some moisture, stir in the coconut milk followed by the flour and the cumin, combine well.
  4. Heat the oil in a deep sided frying pan and when hot, or registering 180°C, add 8 spoonfuls of the bhaji mixture and fry for 1 minute, turnover and cook for a further 1 minute or until golden brown and crispy. Remove and drain on kitchen paper.
  5. Mould the burger mixture into 8 even patties and fry on each side for 2 minutes until brown and warmed through.
  6. Mix the yoghurt and curry powder, spread a tbsp over the toasted buns, add 3 slices of tomatoes and two lettuce leaves, top with the burger, add a tsp mango chutney followed by the onion bhaji.
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