Cook up a feast at festivals this summer
Cook up a feast at festivals this summer
Summer festivals are brilliant for enjoying music, spending time with your friends and – if you’re lucky – some sunshine. However, buying food at festivals can be expensive and unhealthy, so if you want to come back with pounds in your wallet rather than on your waist, you can always try some simple, healthy campsite cooking.
Every year festival lovers consider what food to take with them, and how to squeeze it into their backpacks. Luckily, Canned Food UK has devised 16 new recipes with celebrity chef James Martin called ‘u can outdoors’, which are specially designed for enjoying outside – so you can make some mouth-watering dishes with just some basic equipment and a handful of simple ingredients.
To make a filling dish for all your friends, Canned Food UK’s Ham ‘n’ Eggs can serve a tent of four and takes only 15 minutes to make. To spice up your weekend, Chilli Nachos are great for a convenient main course and require minimal preparation because the chilli is already cooked in the can.
Don’t forget that fruit and veg shouldn’t disappear into a tent-sized black hole, so the Vegetarian Bean Chilli is a perfect option for staying healthy and counts towards your 5-A-DAY. For those who want to be everywhere and see everything, making a quick Pasta Salad takes just 15 minutes to prepare and cook, and needs little clearing up afterwards.
With the recipes from ‘u can outdoors’ you can save some time and trouble packing, and enjoy delicious, convenient meals that are healthier than visiting the burger van. With all this information, the only thing left to do is finding the festival that suits you the best.
For more information about Canned Food UK’s new recipes, or to download the free u can outdoors recipe pack, visit iPhone owners can view the dishes by downloading the free u.can cook app available through iTunes App Store, which features more than 90 quick recipes and a selection of step-by-step recipe demonstrations by James Martin.
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