Store-cupboard survival in the big chill
Store-cupboard survival in the big chill

As ‘the Big Freeze’ continues to grip Britain, shoppers are heading to supermarkets to stock up on everyday essentials, such as milk and bread – sparking fears of a national shortage.

Those that are brave enough to face the wintry weather should consider tips from Canned Food UK about stocking up your kitchen, to ensure you’re prepared for the chill ahead.

1) Stock up on winter favourites such as canned soups, which can be heated straight away – an instant warmer when you’re feeling cold.
2) Canned fruit and vegetables still count towards your 5-A-DAY, so keep a selection in your store-cupboard to ensure you’re still getting the vitamins and nutrients you need.
3) Cook food in bulk and freeze portions, to ensure you always have a meal ready should you be snowed in.
4) Adding water to canned condensed milk creates a great alternative to fresh milk. Condensed milk can be kept in the store-cupboard for several months, meaning you always have an everyday essential on hand.
5) Keeping cans of tomatoes in the store cupboard is always handy, as they are so flexible. Tomatoes can be used in a range of family favourites such as pasta sauces, casseroles or even a base for soups.
6) Canned fish and meat have a much longer shelf-life than fresh alternatives – so if you’re unable to make it outside to buy fresh varieties, you can still get balanced meals.
7) Canned meals such as Chilli con Carne, Irish stew and pies are versatile and can be heated in minutes.
8) Stock up on food that isn’t in season, such as canned berries, which are ideal for a quick and easy dessert and provide plenty of vitamins.
9) Canned curry sauces are perfect to add to dried, fresh and frozen foods, providing you with a warming, exotic meal to take your mind away from the chilly weather.
10) Make meals go further in the cold by adding canned pulses such as kidney beans and lentils, which are ideal for bulking out meals.

Steve Thomas, chairman of Canned Food UK, said: “Canned food is an essential part of every household’s kitchen and they can become a saviour in this cold weather. Their convenience and long shelf-life means you can still cook quick, nutritious meals, and stock up the store-cupboard in advance – so you will have plenty of food when you don’t want to leave the house.

“Our recipes and nutritional information are available at or on our u.can cook iPhone app, ensuring you have all the information you need to keep fuelled this winter.”

Canned Food UK’s free u.can cook iPhone app is available through the iTunes App Store, and features more than 80 delicious recipes and several step-by-step recipe demonstrations by celebrity chef James Martin.

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