u.can outdoors: Canned Food UK welcomes you to the summer!

We all love getting out and about during the warm weather and here Canned Food UK has produced the ultimate guide to eating outside – whatever you are doing. From camping to festivals, caravanning to BBQs, we present top tips from celebrity chef James Martin on what to eat outdoors. U.can outdoors combines quick, easy recipes to prepare in advance for picnics, garden parties & barbecues , along with the convenient meals available in cans that you can take away for camping and caravanning! You can even take all the following information with you on your travels, by clicking here to request  or download our light, folding recipe booklet (ideal for taking in your rucksack) or clicking here to view our iPhone App demo (includes around 90 recipes and demos from James).

Forget soggy sandwiches or sausage rolls - to watch James making the perfect picnic with Amanda Hamilton click here.

“We love heading to the great British outdoors to enjoy summer. Be it a camping trip, music festival or a simple picnic in the park, there are many places to enjoy a meal in the sunshine.

u can outdoors features 16 delicious recipes I have created with Canned Food UK. The glamorous camping – or glamping – recipes are designed to feed everyone when you have minimal space and equipment. The al fresco dishes are cooked indoors but should be enjoyed outside, at a picnic or barbecue.

The recipes are simple and quick – so you can spend more time in the sunshine rather than cooking – and have been designed as healthy, balanced meals for the whole family.”

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Al Fresco

Al Fresco

When the weather is fine, we all enjoy eating outdoors, whether it’s on the patio, BBQs or garden parties. Try our delicious range of recipes that make serving and eating outdoors a real treat!

Forget limp sausages and burnt burgers, try something more exotic on the barbecue this year. Our Barbecued Salmon and Black Bean Salsa is a colourful dish that is a treat for the eyes as well as the tastebuds. Not a fan of salmon? Try our Tuna with Mango Salsa

Preparing dishes in advance can also make for a more relaxed entertaining experience. Dishes such as salads and desserts should be prepared the day before. Try our foolproof recipes for Spanish Style Tortilla, Tomato & Olive Tart and Salmon & Broccoli Quiche - great accompaniments for any party or BBQ. Canned potatoes are a great store cupboard essential – they can be used hot or cold in salads, and are terrific fried.

Got a sweet tooth? Our Coconut Pannacotta with Mango Coulis is a taste of summer all on its own. Products such as canned coconut milk or mango are great to keep in the store cupboard and add a touch of the exotic at any time of year.


Food at festivals and in the environs of campsites can be overpriced and lacking in nutrition, so beat the queues and provide your own basics on a budget!

For breakfast try our quick and easy Ham 'n' Eggs recipe - can be cooked in one frying pan

Sausages in baked beans is an instant and filling breakfast or snack, and better for you than you think. Many of these products contain 100% pork sausages and the baked beans deliver low fat, low GI energy to keep you going all day.

It can be easy to drink to excess in the relaxed sunny atmosphere of a festival, so try to keep yourself filled up with quick, nutritious snacks. Try our Chilli Nachos recipe using canned Chilli con carne - easy to put together and a real favourite with friends and family alike.

Alternatives include simple jacket potatoes (cooked on the campfire) filled with canned Chicken Curry, Minced Beef or Irish Stew and canned sausages make great hot dogs. These traditional family favourites have been updated over the years and contain high quality meat already cooked in the can, meaning you can buy and eat with confidence.



The great equipment available in modern caravans and in some campsites means that the days of eating basic meals are over! So-called ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) is on the increase with whole extended families holidaying and cooking together. Our recipes are simple enough to cook away from home but tasty enough to impress even the most demanding in-laws!

Try our Quick Lamb Tagine or Satay Chicken Curry - cooked in one pot and both family favourites, it can be served with flatbreads/naan or rice and cous cous. So simple!

Canned ingredients are easy to take on a trip, and can be stored without refrigeration, making them perfect for cooking away from home. Pulses are particularly good for adding to chillis, curries and pastas, and are a good source of protein. Try our Vegetarian Bean Chilli.

Why not take a canned soup to use as a base and add extra ingredients such as vegetables, pulses or croutons? A fabulous array of flavours and varieties are available, some in cans large enough to serve two or more people.


Having a fabulous picnic or packed lunch can put the finishing touches to a great day out AND save you money. Try these dishes that are great to cook in advance and are easy to pack away in a picnic hamper.

Slices of quiche are always welcome in any picnic basket, try our Salmon & Broccoli version for something different. But for something a little more exotic try our Spanish Style Tortillas - really easy and great for using up leftovers. Or if you prefer Italian, our Tomato & Olive Tart takes minutes to prepare and is great hot or cold.

For snacks or canapes, our Artichoke & Tomato Bruschetta can be put together in minutes and make a perfect mouthful. Canned artichokes and olives are perfect for emergency nibbles for unexpected guests – keep them in the cupboard and bring them out when needed, no one will ever know!

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